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Rotor Blade Balancing – Tools & Techniques


Save money. Reduce maintenance costs. Increase your bottom line. Get the competitive edge on your opposition.

Reduce your maintenance test flying by more than 50% increasing your aircraft availability. Reduce your Maintenance Costs. Operators to date have reported up to 80% of their test flying consists of Rotor Track & Balance (RTB) test flights.


After adopting a slightly different approach to rotor balancing using a revolutionary new tool you too will enjoy the remarkable labour, time and cost savings this same system has given to helicopter operators and rotor blade repair centres around the world.

This slightly different approach to Blade Management costs nothing in man hours and virtually nothing in money – BUT has significant savings in man hours, airframe hours and loss of revenue hours/task availability when compared with Current Blade Management practices.

Do you experience any of the following:

…then you will benefit from this Web site, particularly the suggested new blade management.


As part of this process, we aim to shed some light on Dynamic Rotor Track & Balance (RTB) procedures. RWAS’s aim is to de-mystify the RTB process regardless of helicopter type.

We will outline what we believe is the epicenter of a lot of grief in modern day dynamic balancing in the helicopter fleets world wide and how it often stems from a simple, but much overlooked basic understanding of rotor blade design and manufacture.

It is a problem which has actually been recognized for some time but has failed to be passed on through our teaching institutions for helicopter engineers responsible for rotor track and balance.

This problem is easily – and quickly fixed. It only takes a fundamental change in understanding and managing rotor blades.

RWAS offers training packages customised to client requirements – civil or military, helicopter or aeroplane. It includes one-on-one or group instruction at the clients facilities to train maintenance personnel on the WHOLE balance solution including skill training on the particular model of RTB tuning equipment the client may be using (regardless of manufacturer). Syllabi can be provided on request.

RWAS provides a non-aligned, independent consultancy specialising in identifying weaknesses in current RTB procedures, equipment and practices. It then offers recommendations to improve operational efficiency in the field of RTB and vibration analysis if required.

Let us find the right equipment for your NEEDS and define the most cost efficient procedures for RTB and vibration analysis for your fleet’s requirements.

For further information or questions, contact us.

For description of any topic in detail, download the FREE .pdf document from the Downloads page or from the respective topic page. ALL downloadable documents and programs are FREE. Any details provided are treated strictly confidentially and used purely internally within RWAS.

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