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Helicopter Blade Balancing – Rotor Track and Balance – About Us

RWAS Rotor Track And Balance Blade BalancingRWAS:  Is a small, professional company which has specialised in rotor blade balancing equipment, rotor track & balancing equipment, static balance equipment, HUMS and condition monitoring equipment for several years. It is backed by more than 25 years of aviation experience. It has the international distributorship for a new, unique and revolutionary piece of Ground Support Equipment for statically balancing rotor blades. This tool has already demonstrated remarkable labour, time and cost savings to helicopter operators and rotor blade repair centres around the world.


Unbiased Information for Balancing Blades

Other than this one tool, RWAS has no alliances or allegiances to any particular manufacturer of helicopter rotor track and balance (RTB) equipment, condition monitoring equipment, engine monitoring or HUMS equipment.

RWAS elects to remain non-aligned in order to try and present an unbiased view to the aviation users of Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) and condition monitoring equipment.

RWAS supports the one static balance tool.  We are firm believers that the USBF it is the ONLY tool on the market which can do the job which it claims to do and produces real and significant savings to fleet operators. It can provide the one benefit which so many other RTB and condition monitoring equipment manufacturers claim – it DOES make significant efficiency savings in RTB. RWAS supports the implementation of new, cutting edge technology that Avion/Avtask brings to the helicopter industry in an effort to reduce in-service operational maintenance costs.

RWAS has been involved in Condition Monitoring in aviation for several years. It has experience with engine monitoring, Rotor Track & Balance, vibration analysis and static balancing of helicopter rotor blades. This experience is in both civil and military aviation and includes work with some prominent companies in this field and work with Government organizations.

Our aim is to provide the most cost effective solution to reduce Direct Operating costs for aircraft operators in the field of Condition Monitoring and Rotor Blade Balancing equipment.





RWAS initial aim is to educate the helicopter community in a slightly different approach to rotor balancing and promote a revolutionary new tool.

As part of this mission, we aim to shed some light on Dynamic Rotor Track & Balance (RTB) procedures.

In time, we hope to develop this site into a comprehensive RTB reference site for ALL helicopters – civil and military, in any application.

Consultancy and on-site training in RTB will also be available. Simply Contact Us to discuss further any questions or to arrange any training or consultancy service needs in RTB or vibration analysis.

For description of any topic in detail, download the FREE .pdf document from the Master Download Panel or from the respective topic page. ALL downloadable documents and programs are FREE. Any details provided are treated strictly confidentially and used purely internally within RWAS.

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