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Tool Description

The digital Static Balance Tool is a one man operated system. It allows even a CH47 blade to be handled by a single person by using a dolly assembly provided. It is now been approved for use on ALL US Army helicopter types.

The blade carriage assembly is approx 20ft long and breaks down into two segments allowing ease of transportability. There is no other support structure or infrastructure required. It is a fully self contained balancing tool. It can be simply assembled on the hanger floor and balancing commenced. Self contained load cells and computer, weigh the blade, calculate, display and print out the solution. Since the ideal CofG for any helicopter blade is a pure mathematical result of mass and moment arm, the individual blade CofG is compared with the stored OEM ideal mathematical CofG. The error is calculated and the adjustment to the span CofG tip weights provided.

For further information please download the Free description.

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